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The “Proposed” Great Forest National Park

What it means for you!

The Public Land Access Council (PLAC) views the current proposal as an attempt to remove your right of access and recreation to PUBLIC LAND.

We can stop this from happening!

Such an exclusion zone should not be permitted and has far-reaching implications for current users.

Redesignating State Forests as National Parks will result in the following:

Fewer camping areas
Closure of existing camping areas
Closure of existing areas and tracks
Reduction of traditional freedoms
Recreational use limited or denied, for example:
• prospecting
• horse riding
• bee keeping
• hunting
• fishing

• Camping fees
• No pets
• Banning of wood collection for home use
• Private property owners pushed out via permit restrictions to property/land use
• No forestry jobs
• No stocking of fish

Do you want to have a say about your right of access?

You can join our cause with the purpose of “Access for all” by:

• Follow us on Facebook, Public Land Access Council PLAC
• Becoming a member of the Public Land Access Council (PLAC)
• Checkout http://plac.com.au