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The truth about modern prospecting and Miners Rights

Modern prospecting involves the use of a simple gold pan, metal detector or portable sluice (sometimes with a small water pump); digging is done by hand, with a pick and shovel.

It is conducted under the much-cherished Miners Right document.

Historically, prospectors could mine, live on their claim, they could build dams, construct water races, use explosives, and use machinery.

This is no longer the case. Today the Miners Right allows for recreational prospecting using small hand tools only.

Despite what our opponents may cause you to believe, today’s simple river sluices bear absolutely no resemblance to historic, massive and destructive hydraulic sluicing.

Prospecting is a popular and healthy outdoor hobby for people of all ages, and it has a low entry cost. It is discriminatory not to treat this benign recreational activity the same as all others.

These pictures show the true nature of modern prospecting.

small-sluice river-panning gold-detectors prospecting-mining panning gold-panning

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